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A high vibration, sister location by founder Jaya Sarada

View the newspaper clipping here! A new healing center called Luminous, Body, Mind, Spirit recently opened in Depoe Bay at 48 N Highway 101. Jaya Sarada, author and healer, has created this holistic vibrational healing spa that offers everything from reflexology to a rare crystal bed healing experience. Sarada also operates the Anjali Healing Center in Portland, a yoga studio with several healing practitioners. But she had been coming to the coast on a regular basis for a few years, providing her services at various locations, “and I just felt I needed, for my wellbeing, to be on the coast,” she said. She opened Luminous in late May. Joining her there is Marsha Jones. “Marsha is well versed in every possible area of holistic healing, and she’s a nurse,” said Sarada. “We both have very similar backgrounds, so we are a perfect match to run the store together.” “I’m trained in clinical medicine but also alternative, so I’ve got a foot in each world,” said Jones, who has been a Reiki master for 25 years. “They absolutely do work together.” Sarada said, “We specialize in helping you find what you need. Supporting your beauty, health and your wellbeing.” Jones added, “A lot of it is holistic — body, mind and spirit as a whole — instead of just focusing on one or the other. All of those are integral parts of the whole, so you’ve got to have good balance in that.” She said a lot of what they do at Luminous “is just open people’s awareness as to the different modalities of the healing work that we offer.” Sarada said, “We do have a massage therapist, we also offer chair massage and relaxation therapies; holistic body work. It’s just a combination based on the needs. “We’re all certified in many modalities,” she said, “and we’re both ministers.” As such, they offer life-coaching and counseling services, and they are planning to begin scheduling workshops in the near future. Luminous also carries a variety of products to support holistic healing. “We’re a holistic apothecary,” said Sarada. This includes things like herbs, tea blends and flower essences, “and we make our own aromatherapy oils.” Luminous also carries jewelry, books (Sarada is the author of a half dozen of them), perfumes and body care products, greeting cards, candles and more. The store at Luminous is open from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., Tuesday through Sunday, or by appointment. Other hours are devoted to appointments for healing sessions. “We have private sessions available in the mornings and then after five,” said Sarada. “We’re available every day for that.”  

The Illuminated Heart

Through the opening of the heart chakra we become spiritual warriors, protecting our sacred energy from the pitfalls of illusion and cultivating harmlessness. The symbol for the heart chakra is the deer. The gentle deer finds Ahimsa, the path of peace, in daily life. Like the deer, the aspirant places his complete trust in God. The heart center opening can be painful. It is the cross that we must bear when leaving our identification with the temporary nature of life. The heart chakra masters the polarities of the emotional, mental and etheric fields. The lower impulses of the chakras of the personality are transformed to reflect our true essence of divinity. Initiation into the heart chakra develops the qualities of reverence, service, compassion and selfless love. ​​​​​​​With the gateway of the heart open, we sense a deeper presence within our lives, giving us the protection, devotion and strength needed for our journey home. Our journey takes us into our luminous body of light where we begin a life of service and devotion to the divine. The song of the heart brings great love, beauty and unbounded joy. Our divine call on the path of return, this song is heard in the silence of the heart, teaching us about deep compassion and forgiveness – the healing miracles. The Flowering Lotus of the Heart The lotus of the heart is connected to the world through compassion; remaining untouched by all worldly experiences. This most sacred lotus is always flowering in the rhythm of our inner life, releasing the divine nectar of pure love in support of our true nature. Within the depth of our divine heart is a sacred resting place where we can retreat in silence, a reservoir of love, pure wisdom and divine guidance. As each petal unfolds, the chalice of life is filled with sacred essence and we journey deeper into the silence of the heart through greater and greater levels of awareness. We no longer strive to be on the path of spiritual awakening; we are the path. By Jaya Sarada

Invoking Your God Frequency

Our energy being is contained in planes of frequency. When we set our intention for expansion and to grow into our Soul's potential, openings will occur that guide us to realize our true nature beyond the cloak of the personality, which is our limited to our body, emotions and mental states. Our mental field is the aspect of our nature that is dictated by thoughts and the content of our mind. This conditioning can be the root cause of our unhappiness as thought determines our life choices. We are on a journey that will take us way beyond thought into our celestial energy  field, the source of our intuition. The consciousness of the Celestial field  is radiant and full of color according to our development. The more evolved we become, the more luminous the colors of this energy field. The Celestial field holds the essence of our higher intuition and is composed of the vibrations of our soul’s light and wisdom.This is the plane of consciousness where our true self is free to  express the divine law of love, wisdom and truth. The Celestial field  records the story of all our  lifetimes, and determines the condition of future incarnations.  In each life we began again with the blueprint of Divine Love and Light that has developed within our souls; an ever evolving path to goodness. Our true self continues to seek more experiences to  further the evolution of God consciousness; each lifetime forming a new vehicle to refine or develop certain soul qualities and strengths. Trishna & Monad This intention, called Trishna in Sanskrit, is a thirst that attracts us to life experiences that provide soul strength on our homeward journey. Our soul’s development is orchestrated by the great mystery of life, a continuous evolution into the consciousness of love and light. The Celestial field not only holds the answers to our life’s lessons and questions, it also opens the door to our inner guide or master teacher. This loving guide becomes ours when we turn our attention from the belief in our separate self to the eternal essence of our heart. Our inner guide offers assistance in the understanding and mastery of our personality nature. The Celestial Field is the temple of our true essence, where spirit and matter are unified, and is beyond the limitations of human consciousness. The pure consciousness of the soul is devoted to divine essence, whereas the lower mind is focused on details of the physical field. Thoughts generated from the higher mind are expressed in principles that have a powerful effect on life. These principles, perceived by the soul, reflect the divine wisdom found in the spiritual heart. The causal, or celestial, field is the temple of the divine spark and is called the Monad. Love is the force and the source of this spark. The Monad, the spark of divinity that awakens our heart, leads us beyond the limitations of birth to eternity. Our true essence is this divine spark – eternal, whole and untouched by disease and disharmony. By Jaya Sarada

Prabhav = Superpowers

I have heard it said that you are an average of the five people you have spent the most time around. I believe that is true. I also believe you are an average of the five foods that you eat the most of everyday. Therefore, picking your five favorite foods is a big deal. Ayurveda is the system of medicine I refer to in this selection process as Ayurveda has a whole class of foods with Prabhav. Prabhav means a special, unique, and unexplainable quality or in other words… SUPERPOWERS Many things in nature have superpowers. Camels have three eye lids and a body that gives them the ability to go without water for longer than other species. Their Prabhav is they can survive the dry, hot desert with sand blowing around with greater ease than others. This gives them a lot of value to the people in the desert. The Alaskan Wood Frog freezes to a solid block of ice in winter. It stops breathing, and its heart stops beating. When the weather warms the frog thaws and moves on about its merry way. It is preserved by the cold, somehow it figured out how to harness the forces around it as opposed to fighting them. When you study Ayurveda you spend a lot of time learning about the Prabhav of everything; plants, animals, foods, gemstones, mantras and more. To help you pick some foods with superpowers I am going to share some of our favorite Prabhavs in Ayurveda. Ode to Dandelion When you are drinking an herbal tea or diffusing an essential oil you are using the immune system and prana of that plant to help you balance. Therefore, knowing the immune system strength of each plant is important if you want to harness its superpowers. Let’s take Dandelion’s for example. You can’t kill these things. They are tough, resilient, scrappy little plants that shine bright like the sun. Who couldn’t use some of that? Dandelion is a medicinal plant brought over to America on the boats by the European settlers from the country of Georgia. They went to great trouble to pick the right plants to bring to the new world for their survival. Fast forward a few hundred years and people all over my neighborhood spend their time and money covering the dandelions in toxic chemicals to kill them. Then the chemicals poison the flora and fauna all around us. I think if we can remember the Prabhav in the world around us we might see less of this needless destruction of nature. The roots of dandelion detoxify the soil they grow in and your liver when you drink the tea. The leaves are a fantastic cooling bitter that helps to purify the blood and breakup congestion. Dandelion flowers are

Catch the Season! – Pitta

Catch the Season! by Susan Bass You will hear a lot about Pitta balancing in the summer from Ayurvedic Practitioners and I have a blog about it below myself.  But it is important to note that Pitta balancing does not include freezing yourself out with blasting AC in summer. We want to “Catch the Season," meaning go outside and feel the extremes so your body will have a chance to send you appropriate cravings. Of course, please don’t let yourself get depleted, burned out or overheated, but DO feel the true weather as it allows your body to let you know how much of the Pitta balancing tools you need to employ. All the extreme climate control is a big strain on the body if the inside temperature is radically different than the outside temperature. It is better not to set the AC at room temperature but rather something in between blazing hot temps outside and room temperature Minimize climate control to create a hardy body! Once you are truly feeling the weather on a deep cellular level the body can reset to the current season and will let you know what it needs.  The same goes for climate control in winter.  My goal as an Ayurvedic teacher is not to give people lists of things to memorize but instead I want to help them reawaken the Ayurveda that is already within them.  How do the birds know when to fly south and the bears know when to hibernate?  They catch the season!  That is how they know where to go and what to eat.  Their life depends on it and so does ours.  Once you really are catching the season you will naturally crave the Pitta balancing foods, routines, and activities.  Happy Summer! Please see some Pitta balancing tools below; In Ayurveda, we believe that “like increases like” and “opposites balance”.  In summer the fire element is most likely to accumulate and get trapped in the body.   The constitution/body type with the most fire is called Pitta.  Pitta actually contains fire and water, but the fire element often dominates. What does excess Pitta look like in the body.  Often it looks like accumulated and/or trapped heat drying out and irritating the tissues, organs and/or the emotions.  This can create a whole host of issues that have a FLAME, such as irritability, skin inflammation, acid indigestion, and summer colds. Number one tip to help your body and your furry friends stay cool in the summer; Hydration with electrolytes  Think bubbling brooks, lush greenery, and full deep breathing to bring the body into a peaceful and naturally calm state. Saturate your cells with oxygen, water and nature! You are not just looking for something that is cooling but more importantly, something that is refreshing to your

An Auspicious Time for Creative Visualization and Authentic Living

For the past year and a half, the nodes of the moon have been playing on the Virgo-Pisces axis, creating an excellent environment for deep self-honesty, the sacrifice of the limited to the Boundless, and thorough spiritual house cleaning. From this position of the moon’s nodes, have been opportunities for old structures to be challenged and cleaned. With cups emptied, the nodes have moved into the Leo-Aquarius axis, ushering in a time for the free and exuberant expression of our refined energies. In tune with the nodal change is a fiery grand trine of Saturn in Sagittarius , Uranus in Aries, and the North Node in Leo that will last most of the summer, powering a strong collective current to fully, boldly, and honestly express our internal realities. Saturn, that inner voice that demands us to honestly confront Reality brings a sober, even keeled flavor to the philosophical zeal of Sagittarius, while Uranus, our inner capacity for genius and rebellion, is a friendly fit for bold and pioneering Aries. This summer is a very auspicious time to make new energy manifest, live our truth out loud, and wake up and roar! With Neptune continuing its journey through dreamy Pisces, the sign of its rulership, and Jupiter moving through idealistic Libra, there is a great impetus for the manifestation of our highest dreams and visions. All of this inner and outer renewal may be most powerfully done in concert with others, as Libran Jupiter’s opposition to an Arian Uranus will push us to find and connect deeply with people in our spiritual family who will help us to live a life of radical freedom and authenticity. It’s a great time to reach out to our “friends along the path.” May 31st 2017 Ishtar Ishaya  If you are interested in diving deeply into the spiritual direction communicated by your birth chart or would like some assistance in coming into the most auspicious alignment with the cosmic forces, then feel free to contact me for a personal astrology reading in Portland or over Skype. While my astrology website is in development (www.sacredlightastrology.com) feel free to visit my meditation website to contact me.

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